Videntium is developed to be modular, flexible, user friendly.
It let users to manage construction projects from tender stage to hand over, even beyond.

Videntium is just not a sofware product,

It's developed with many engineers who are proffessionals
at their jobs from management to construction field.

Construction Management
CM module is designed to let you manage your construction projects from planning & design phase to hand over, inspect the construction and deal with unexpected situations
Testing & Commissioning
T&C module is designed form Testing & Commissioning operations. Create weighted checklists for equipment inspect them, create reports, approve results, and do client submittals.
TAB Module Is 100% compatible With NEBB standards. You can set safe range values, alarm triggers, generate thousands of pages TAB reports easily.
Cause And Effect
Cause And Effect module is designed to test entire systems with custom scenarios such as fire exthinguish & smoke ventilation systems.
Facility Management
FM module is design to perform Facility Management tasks; manage teams, schedule maintenances, respond reactive maintenances, view KPI & SLA status.
Help Desk
Help Desk Module Lets You To Collect Incident Tickets From Your Company, Partners Or Clients In A Project. You Can Monitor SLA Agreements, Generate KPI Reports, Dispatch Teams For the Ongoing Tickets And Generate Cumulative Reports


Here Are Some Key Features Of Videntium

Advanced User Access Matrix

Control All Users Access

For every module, Videntium has built-in authorization & authentication mechanism, which will let you to customize which users or groups will have access to which portion of data in each module.

Work Flows

Design Work Flows For Everything

You can design custom work flows in Videntium almost for everything. Adding new content, updating exsisting ones, downloading / uploading documents, approval processes, syncing data ...

Online / Offline Mobile App

You Don't Need Internet Connection On Construction Site

Videntium's mobile applications has offline support. You don't need to access Internet all the time. You employees can download neccessary data before leaving office, and work on them whole day at construction site. When they come back, they can just sync the changes with Videntium main frame.

Document Controlling

Control Your Documents

Videntium has document controller in each module. With using document controller you can create boundaries, rules, constraints about who is accessing which files, and create approval work flows for document revisioning

Custom Report Builder

Design Your Report For Yourself, For Partners, Clients Differently

Videntium's reporting wizard will let you to create customized format reports for different modules and for different user groups

Highly Customizable Logging Options

Track Everything That Isn't You

Videntium has an advanced Logging mechanism. You can live monitor what is going on, filter logs per module, user, action and date range. Even create custom triggers & alerts when something suspicious appears in system logs.

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